My Story

Doctors would say I was born to a family with “bad genes” as most of my immediate family suffers from a large range of conditions including hypertension, stroke, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

When I started to suffer with my own health concerns including asthma, digestive issues, anxiety and depression, I changed my diet, exercised more and added stress management tools to my life. As long as I keep up these habits, I no longer need an inhaler and am able to manage the rest of my symptoms with minimal medication and no side effects.

Doing this makes me feel free from the worry that my health will just get worse and that I will need more and more medication to function.

Sharon My Story
What you get from me

My experience seeing what has happened to some of my family members has reinforced my belief that it is really important to take action as early as possible. This really hit home when my own brother suffered a massive stroke in his early 50’s which left him completely disabled and in a nursing home, unable to even speak or walk. As you can imagine, this was devastating to him, his family and friends.

My maternal grandmother died of a stroke, my aunt had a stroke that caused her to live out the rest of her life in a nursing home, both my grandfathers died from heart disease before they turned 60, and my mother died from cancer in her 60s. I was only 30 when my mother died and thought “enough is enough!”. Realising that no doctors or medical treatments helped any of my family members avoid their fate, I was determined to find a different way. I decided it was time to take control and find out what my risk factors were, and what I could do to minimise the risk.

After learning about the power of nutrition, I realised you don’t have to be a victim of your genes or your family history and finally took control of my own health.

Part of my journey was seeing my own nutritional therapist who ran detailed lab tests above and beyond what a doctor would normally order. This was a real ‘aha moment’ for me because it proved that the symptoms had a true cause and weren’t ‘all in my head’ which many are made to feel when they are told their blood tests are ‘normal’ so therefore they are ‘fine’.

I was able to use this valuable information to work on the things that would make the most difference to my health, and I now do the same for my clients.

For over 12 years, I’ve been helping my clients take control of their health using a simple system that includes:

  • Assessing their health risks with genetic testing
  • Getting to the bottom of current symptoms with functional lab testing
  • Giving the answers they need to work on the most important things first
  • Helping them establish habits that will support their health and reduce their risk of serious disease in the future
After learning about the power of nutrition, I realised you don’t have to be a victim of your genes or your family history and finally took control of my own health.

Our genes do not determine our future. The only ‘cure’ for chronic illness is to create new habits around how we eat, move, sleep and connect with others.

It’s important to say that the work we do together can get powerful results. I will provide the expertise and support and you provide the commitment to make changes. There is no quick fix or magic bullet, but I promise that we will take it in simple steps, so you start building healthier habits and feeling better.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You’re worried about suffering from illness that runs in your family, e.g. heart disease or cancer
  • You have started to have symptoms that make you feel sub-optimal and don’t want to continue to decline
  • You believe that “you are what you eat” and want to know to optimize your diet to minimise your risks
  • You want scientific, evidence-based answers with functional lab testing so you’re not guessing on what to work on
  • You believe that the extra effort you put in now will pay invaluable dividends for your health in the future.