Feeling like your health is going downhill slowly but surely?

Let me help you take back control of your health

Getting older is inevitable but getting sicker, heavier, and less energetic isn’t.

What I do

I work with professional women in their 40s and 50s who are busy and stressed.  Dealing with the pressures of work and whatever life is throwing at them and experiencing a wide range of health problems – and yet they don’t have time to be sick. They have been busy working, caring for kids, grand-kids and parents to have put much time and effort into themselves. They need to get on with things.

You may be experiencing a wide range of symptoms – some explained, some not.  Some you can’t make sense of how they all relate to one another.

  • Fatigue
  • Hormone related issues
  • Pain – headaches, joint issues
  • Inflammation
  • Catching every bug that comes around
  • Mood issues – anxiety, depression, irritability
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Digestive issues – bloating, food sensitives, reflux
Sharon I work with professional women in their 40s and 50s who are busy and stressed

What you get from me

A holistic approach working with you, your medical team if necessary, and referring you to other modalities of support if appropriate

Your health matters to me. And sometimes that means at looking at things from different angles, considering different modalities, or referring you on to other health care practitioners.  If I think something else besides nutrition would help you, I will tell you and will find a referral for you.

Non-judgmental support and a pragmatic approach

Look – I get it. Everyone has their challenges. Change is scary.  Not everyone feels they can or want to transform into a teetotal vegan.  But we work together to figure out what you need to do and what you feel able to do and go from there.  I meet you where you are right now and encourage you to move forward one step at a time.

My knowledge, expertise and training

I am one of only 25 nutritionists in the UK who have completed the rigorous training and exams from the IFM – the Institute for Functional Medicine – to become an IFMCP Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I have a BSc in Nutritional Medicine (UK) and a BSc in Dietetics (USA) in which I graduated top of my degree class. On top of all this “official” training I am constantly learning to keep up with research and learn new things in the health field.

A space to be heard and understood

Women have broad shoulders and carry a lot on those shoulders: juggling work, family, friends, hobbies. The stress of keeping all those plates spinning can affect our health. We can have a lot of health issues and these weigh on our shoulders too. You need someone to whom you can talk openly and honestly.

Why I do it

My own family genetics

Nutrition and lifestyle changes have changed my life and helped me to mitigate the “bad genes” I’ve been born with.

Knowledge is power

In Functional Medicine we like to say “test don’t guess” – digging deep is how you find answers and formulate solutions.

It works

What we eat and drink provides us with the building blocks for our body to do what it needs to do. This is why problems with hormones, joints, digestion, skin, mood, and genetic expression can happen. Looking at nutrition is the starting point.