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I mentor other Nutritionists with both CASE REVIEWS and with their IT ISSUES – further info below:

– 14 years experience as a Registered Nutritional Therapist
– IFMCP qualified
– an obsession for learning about tests and biochemistry
– a hard drive full of resources that I can share

– 20+ years as a data warehouse programmer for several large well-known companies
– an ability to pick up computer stuff quickly and easily and trouble-shoot problems (that was my main job for those 20+ years!)
– touch type at 65 words per minute
– years of experience setting up my own practice IT stuff from newsletters, to blog posts, to social media scheduling, to practice management software, and security

Read details below on what I offer in both areas and testimonials.

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Sample Markers of an OAT


I look at your client’s functional lab test results and case history and help you pull it all together.

Helpful if you are not familiar with the test in question, have multiple test results to make sense of in context, or feel like you might be missing something.

Sometimes it’s just good to talk it out with someone!

I would ask you to send me a short synopsis of the client’s issues and an anonymised copy of their test result(s) you wish to review.

I do not retain any of this information after our session.

We may record the session if that helps you.



Can help with
– CRM system setup,
– landing pages,
– social media,
– integrations,
– security and
– general IT queries.

We can even cover some issues whilst on a Zoom call together.

Practice Better or HealthPath Pro Setup
·  Profile and branding (if available in your plan)
·  Integrations with Google calendar, Zoom and Stripe
·  setup Services and Packages
·  Calendar Availability
·  Locations
·  Forms setup:
·  Intake form,
·  Intro to PB (for clients),
·  T&Cs
·  Protocols: setup blood sugar balancing protocol (or whatever you may have that needs to be input to PB)
·  setup 5 favourite supplements
·  Automations: to send forms when client package is booked
·  post-setup walk-through session